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Useful Links to Companies, Directories, Universities, Journals and MORE!

Companies we work with:
LabX eBay LabWrench
Krackeler Scientific Amazon DataApex Clarity
Restek Edwards Vacuum PACS Labs
Inorganic Ventures Analytical Instruments & Service Inc.  

Lab Auctions and Used Equipment Listings:
Labmakers Big List HPLCWeb
SpectroscopyNow Recycler’s World  

Chemistry Search Engines, Directories & Links:
 ChemIndustry  DMOZ Open Directory  ChemWeb
 AOL  Yahoo/Science/Chemistry  Patent search
 Virtual Library  Zhdanov’s Links  Kaker’s Vendors Database
 Rolf Claessen’s Chemistry   PharmWeb Yellow Pages  Combinatorial Chemistry Review
 Shell-usa  Chemical Supply Solutions  CAE Online
 IonSource  Online Distillery Network  Buyer’s Index

Universities' Chemistry Links:
 MIT Mass Spec Links  SUNY Stony Brook Materials Science Resources  Latrobe University Surface Science-Australia
 Università di Roma ‘La Sapienza’-Italy  

Chemistry Journals:
 JASMS  LC*GC  Analytical Chemistry
 Journal of Chemical Education  

Mass Spec Societies:
 American Society for Mass Spectrometry  British Mass Spectrometry Society  Dutch Society for Mass Spectrometry 
 Swiss Group for Mass Spectrometry  

Chromatography and Mass Spec Discussion Groups:
 Delaware Valley  NCI at Frederick  Connecticut
 NYAAEL  Triangle (North Carolina) Pittsburgh MSDG
Washington-Baltimore MSDG Montreal MSDG Greater Boston MSDG
Atlanta-Athens MSDG Chicago MSDG MinnMass Discussion Group


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