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Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) and Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer (ICP-MS)

Agilent 7500c ICP/MS System
Agilent 7500c ICP/MS System
Agilent 7500c ICP/MS
Agilent 7500c ICP/MS
Agilent 7500c ICP/MS
Redefining the boundaries of ICP-MS

Agilent’s 7500 Series of ICP-MS instruments has been designed for maximum reliability and uptime in routine use, even in the toughest lab environments. The extremely low failure rate, in combination with high uptime and high sample capacity, makes 7500 Series instruments the most profitable ICP-MS to own.

The 7500c features Agilent’s unique Octopole Reaction System (ORS) for interference removal in the most complex sample matrices. Designed specifically for those applications that cannot be met by conventional ICP-MS, the 7500c extends the boundaries of ultratrace analysis in complex matrices. The Agilent 7500c ICP-MS comes equipped with a Babington nebulizer, Ni interface, Octopole Reaction System and dual mode detector.

This pre-owned instrument is in excellent condition and comes refurbished and fully tested by the expert technicians at GenTech Scientific.

Item #: 10896

Part #: G1355A

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Agilent 7500c ICP/MS SystemBabington nebulizer
Agilent 7500c ICP/MS SystemNi interface
Agilent 7500c ICP/MS SystemOctopole Reaction System (ORS)
Agilent 7500c ICP/MS SystemDual mode detector


Agilent 7500c ICP/MS SystemAgilent 7500c ICP/MS Model # G3155A
Agilent 7500c ICP/MS SystemAgilent Integrated Autosampler Model #G3160A
Agilent 7500c ICP/MS SystemData system with Agilent ICP/MS ChemStation software
Agilent 7500c ICP/MS SystemChiller
Agilent 7500c ICP/MS SystemEdwards Rough Pump

Available Options:

Agilent 7500c ICP/MS SystemInstallation & Familiarization
Agilent 7500c ICP/MS SystemCETAC Autosampler also available

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