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Waters Micromass ZQ 4000 Mass Detector

Waters Micromass ZQ 4000 Mass Detector

Easily qualify and quantify small molecules in a flash with the Waters Micromass ZQ 4000 Mass Detector, a robust, highly sensitive single quadrupole mass spectrometer with a mass range (amu) up to 4096.

Fast scanning, with multi-functional acquisition capabilities, the ZQ 4000 Mass Detector can perform up to 32 MS experiments in a single chromatographic run. Cycle through any combination of full-scan, single-ion recording (SIR), positive ion, negative ion and variable cone voltage functions all in one injection. These flexible data acquisition options allow the ZQ Mass Detector to adapt to a variety of applications.

The ZQ-4000 offers the advantages of an embedded PC, a primary advantage being fast signal processing. The ZQ is able to scan at 5000 Dalton/second, a real advantage for LC/MS applications. Fast scanning allows the acquisition of more data points per second, resulting in better peak shape, better integration and better reproducibility. Inlet probes are quickly and easily interchangeable without breaking vacuum. 

How it Works:

This New Mexico State University ZQ Protocol offers a good overview of the instrument and the technology.

More Info |  Waters ZQ Data Sheet